W P Photo Challenge – Inspiration Children – our hope for the future

 “Listen to the mustn’ts, child. Listen to the don’ts. Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles, the won’ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me… Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.”   Shel Silverstein

Teachers escort their young charges on a summer field trip to a local playground and tour of a nearby grade school. Teaching them the rules of safety especially at stop signs is an important life lesson.

Teachers escorting their young charges on a summer field trip is an inspirational sight indeed.

These young students will be the future doctors, lawyers, nurses, politicians and creative intellects that will take care of the planet after we are long gone.

Tthe teachers taking care of our children realize the importance of the unique treasure they care for and dedicate themselves to ensure that the children’s safety and learning will receive the utmost care and attention.

The theoretical learning curve has never been more dramatically portrayed as it is here in this real life photo. Putting a face on an abstract concept makes it all the more interesting and inspiring.



Girls grunt and groan with gusto Disorganized sport tops agenda

What Girls Are Made Of

“Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That’s what little girls are made of; the heck with sugar and spice.” – Bethany Hamilton, surfer

These young ladies started their evening outing with a friendly game of soccer which morphed into a disorganized round of volleyball which then converted itself into a goal post climbing free-for-all. The older girls are part of a local girl soccer team and had been practicing faithfully for the past week after the supper hour. The day this photo was taken they were celebrating the fact that they had won the city championship and they were eager to let off a little steam by creating their own version of a number of games they enjoyed playing. The enthusiasm of youth knows no bounds.

Disorganized sporting events can be just as exciting and just as physically demanding as the more formalized events that occupy both the national and international headlines. The thrill of competition and the screaming of excited fans fills the competing athletes’ ears with sounds of admiration and encouragement.

But what do non preofessional athletes especially young girls do to occupy themselves during the off times…to unwind their minds and bodies. Well, if these young athletes are an example, they readily resort to a form of unregulated physical activity that helps them hone their athletic abilities and also relax their body and spirits from the hype of competitive activities.

As I ate my supper and gazed out my kitchen window I initially had a difficult time trying to figure out just what they were up to. You would naturally expect boys to tear up the playground with activities that would be labelled energetic horseplay. But what about the female side of the equation? Does the fairer sex also lapse into moments of unbridled energetic activity? They sure do .

The initial soccer practice was eventually replaced by a diffuse array of athletic ability that would cause many a similar- aged male athlete to blush with envy.

Bravo ladies!  The sugar-and-spice image many men have of you is evidently wrong. Keep up the good work and enjoy yourselves. Some sporting activities are open to the users’ own definition and could lead to a lively and entertaining endeavor for the participants.




Prompt – Casual is the new chic Clothes help us express inner self



  “Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”  ― Anna Wintour


Fashion at times is not only fickle and erratic but also may help us define who we are not only on the outside but also in that secret place we call self image. The attire we chose to wear reflects the full gamut of emotions from staid and formal to eclectic and wild. At times fashion “chic” goes beyond conventional definitions of good taste. Others ignore the tips of fashion magazines and gurus and flaunt their own personal definition of style. This couple obviously throws caution to the wind and wear clothes that suits their moods.

Let me state for the record that I am no fashion guru nor do I hold prejudices against those folks who choose to wear their inner emotions on their sleeves. After all their choice of what to wear is just that …their choice!

But there are certain instances of fashion choices that make me scratch my head and ask, “what was she possibly thinking about when she decided to wear that particular outfit?”

You have to understand the environmental context of my bewilderment. The temperature outside was near the 100 degree mark and the humidity factor was extremely high. There were other pedestrians sauntering by on nearby sidewalks sweltering in the heat and at times sipping a cool refreshing drink as they paraded about their business.

This couple appeared late in the afternoon about four p.m. and walked with a steady gait towards an unknown destination. He wore the typical macho male blue jean, t-shirt and peak cap combination.

The female walking beside him sported a free flowing toga and winter boot collage. I could accept the pseudo skimpy covering the young woman was wearing …the color was heat reflective and the form fitting attire was figure flattering.

For the life of me I could not understand why she was wearing the winterized mukluks on her feet that particular day. My own feet started to perspire intensely as I imagined how desperately warm her own feet might be feeling in the intense heat of that afternoon. She did appear to be comfortable in the unorthodox arrangement.

Sometimes a person’s choice of clothing makes good sense. Other time’s what a person drapes on their physical form makes no sense. But at all times what a person chooses to wear in public is a choice that does not need explanation or public acceptance.

And that is the true beauty of fashion. We create the image we wish to project to the world at large. Novelty is its own reward.



Daily Post “Simply the best” Keeping it simple works the best

"Simply the best" may refer not to something that is technologically superior sent into space to impress other beings. Keeping it simple may convey more than a casual glance may often time overlook. We are a totemic planet and need to get back to our roots. Technology will pass but the sprit of community and planetary awareness and appreciation will mean more than our modern technological toys ever could.
Simply the best may refer not to something that is technologically superior sent into space to impress other beings. The acronym K.I.S.S. , meaning “keep it simple”, may convey more than a casual definition of the phrase may reveal. We at times are a totemic based planet and need to get back to our roots. Technology will pass but the spirit of community and planetary awareness and appreciation of an endangered ecological system will mean more to advanced beings than our modern technological toys ever could. Technology implies competition. Simplicity projects a willingness to learn and accept and welcome new ideas. Which type of planet would you want to visit and interact with?

Trying to keep things simple in outer space may be the ideal way to improve potential communication opportunities with other races and cultures. Placing high tech toys in a space ship and hoping that like-minded beings will be automatically impressed with our scientific prowess is blatant egotism at its cosmic best.

Ancient cultures and civilizations left us artifacts that have withstood the test of time. Today many of these mementos from days gone by are being shamelessly obliterated by people who have no appreciation for the past. Their own agendas of hate and destruction dominate their morbidly destructive behaviors.

Placing replicas of totems such as this cork figure is a visual proof that we are a friendly planet still connected to one another and willing to accept other races and notions different from our own

Aboriginal people worldwide accept the fact that we are not alone and are certainly not the crown of creation as we believe ourselves to be.

It’s time the competitive creative spirit of the entire planet join forces and seek ways to enhance life on earth and not try to decimate neighbors on a world wide basis.

Spaceship earth desperately needs infusions of positive inputs before we try to peddle our backwoods notions of superiority and technologically flawed gadgets to other worlds.



The Daily Post – The Fourth Wall Post reporters’ tale inspirational

Dustin Hoffman (left) and Robert Redford portray Washington Post reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward in a taut political tale about the corruption plaguing the White House during the Nixon administration. The behind-the-scenes investigative process and the ultimate public exposure was enough to inspire me to become a journalist.

“All the Presidents Men” was the inspirational movie that helped to determine my choice of career path.

At the time I was a journalism student with a university degree seeking a change in direction. I watched that movie at least half a dozen times and even took notes as the two reporters pursued the truth on the silver screen.

The movie to me was more academic then entertainment. I watched intently the way the reporters were able to ferret out the the most insignificant detail of information that could reveal deeper truths.

I also read the book and the commentary that the two reporters and Benjamin “Ben” Bradlee,  the executive editor of The Washington Post from 1968 to 1991 , had made in the book.

My own career as a reporter exposed me to the genre of “small town” corruption that previous editors failed to discover or merely overlook. I was able to correct a number of social wrongs that were being accepted as commonplace in the areas that I covered in my beat.

My  editors allowed me the freedom and the latitude to pursue and write about issues that were not really covered by the larger newspapers. I thank them for their patience and understanding.

Sometimes that Fourth Wall of anonymity offers not only entertainment value but also life changing direction to those in the audience wanting to change their current situations.



Daily Prompt “You’re a Winner!” Transients discuss big dollar win


“…being rich ain’t what it’s cracked up to be. It’s just worry and worry, and sweat and sweat, and a-wishing you was dead all the time.” — -The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

An empty bottle of beer, a worn out spot under a shade tree and two  transients discuss the pros and the cons of winning the one billion dollar lottery prize.
The scene is set. An empty long-necked beer bottle, a worn out spot under a shade tree and two transients  – an older man in his mid 60’s and a younger middle aged man  – discuss the pros and the cons of winning the one billion dollar lottery prize at one a.m. in the morning outside a nearby apartment building.

Editorial Note:

This partially fictitious tale is based upon a  certain degree of fact and an awful lot of fiction. There was a human interest story in the newspaper a few years ago about a man who won one million dollars in a local lottery, spent it foolishly in two years time and then five years later again won the state Power Ball Jackpot of another one million dollars cash prize. This article is dedicated to all those who believe that immense riches will set you free.

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Prompt : Shoulda, woulda, coulda Fighting city hall is always tough



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The dilapidated condition of this stretch of parking stall space has been this way for a number of months. The mall owner has appealed to city hall for a type of an extension which will allow his company the right to repair the structure when competent workers are available.

His argument to city hall emphasized the fact that his firm is doing its best to start repair on the treacherous column but that the insurance company of the person involved in smashing into the column is stalling and continuing its investigation into the matter.

At one end of the affected sidewalk is a medical center while at the other end is a liquor retail outlet. Seniors using walkers and mothers pushing baby buggies pass this spot on a regular basis. The protruding wooden barricades interfere with the safe passage of pedestrians using the walkway.

So far the mall’s management team has been successful in securing the necessary permission from city hall. Local residents who pass this public eyesore on their way to either the grocery store or work state that it is only a matter of time before the column will collapse and predict that someone will be injured.

A number of these folks have petitioned city hall to force the mall owners to start the needed repairs on the site as soon as possible. Council has been waffling on their response to their pleas.

These people have done their best at the “shoulda, woulda, coulda” approach to get things done. They feel its time for city hall to get up off their duffs and take a stand against the developer.

Only time will tell which course of action will ensue: immediate repair of the problem or else a collapse of the column and someone gets injured.

What would you do in this instance?