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We all dream of having the power to look into the future and predict events before they occur. Choosing the correct lottery numbers, avoiding major disasters and calamities, choosing the right significant other. All these are major considerations when we imagine having the ability to do so.

For this exercise imagine that you’ve been granted the power to predict the future! The catch — each time you use your power, it costs you one day (as in, you’ll live one day less). How would you use this power, if at all?

Whenever folks dream of possessing such powers and gifts they always tend to focus on the positive benefits they will receive.. They dream of the fame, power, wealth, notoriety —  all the supposedly positive aspects and none of the negative.

But the one flaw in this proposed scenario involves a negative effect experienced by the individual using the gift. One day from your own life span will be deducted each time you dare exploit this talent. Now you truly have to weigh the pros and cons of your every action. Do you step in to help someone else or do you refrain and let destiny take charge of things?

Imagine this scenario. You notice the woman pictured above struggling with a shopping cart filled to the brim with green trash bags and holding items you cannot see. She is standing on a street corner after having safely crossed a marked crosswalk. She seems to be checking the load on the buggy to make sure everything is somewhat stabilized.

You immediately notice that she is hesitant as to what to do next. Do you use your special gift to look into her future or do you resist the urge of being a good Samaritan? Is the determining factor a matter of immediacy and personal safety that will prompt you to action or will you refrain from assisting her because the cost will be too great for you to accept.

In this particular situation a passerby asked if he could assist her and she continued safely on her way to the bottle return depot. The fates smiled on her this day.

This type of gift with its unusual conditions could force a person to restrict their enjoyment of life. They would be like Superman who although endowed with super hearing and vision has to learn to restrict their use for his own good.

This “gift” would be as welcomed as Midas’s golden touch. More of a curse and a life restricting condition. How can you let down your guard and dream of a possible future event when doing so could lessen your own existence on the planet by one day?



The Daily Post — Going obsolete Telephone calls ruled by androids

“The phone is an instrument of intrusion into order. It is a threat to control. Just when you think you are alone and safe, the call could come that changes your life. Or someone else’s. It makes the same flat, mechanical noise for everyone and gives no clues what’s waiting there on the other end of the line.”
Janice Galloway, The Trick Is to Keep Breathing


The telephone in the living room rang on Tuesday morning at 9:02 a.m. I was in the kitchen sipping on my second cup of coffee and was nearby to intercept the call. I have caller Identification (ID) so I can tell at a glance who might be trying to contact me.

The illuminated face plate on the phone revealed the number and nothing  else. I was curious as to whom it might be. I picked up the receiver and awaited the sound of a human voice saying “hello” to me.

I answered and then heard that familiar clicking and whirring of an Automated Intelligence Activated machine click into service. There was a few second pause and then a robotic- like voice informed me that a very important message was going to follow. The tinny voice kindly requested that I stay on the line and then informed me matter-of-factly that “the waiting time for this call will be two minutes”.

After the exact amount of time the recording chimed in again to relay the same urgent nature of this message but now the waiting time was five minutes. At that precise moment I realized that this was not that urgent a message and not necessarily directed to me. But my curiosity tempted me to wait online for the requested interval.

At the end of that waiting period there was a loud click and a human voice bade me good day and asked me my age. The call was only relevant for people of a certain market sector.

I have experienced enough of these “fishing” expeditionary type calls to know that this was a sales scheme. I told him “I am 97 years old.” The person on the other end of the line hung up abruptly. I guess they can’t take a joke. Too bad.

There was a time in the history of the ever popular contraption known as the telephone when common sense, courtesy and privacy were the most important elements governing its ever increasing importance in the realm of interpersonal communication. 

When the telephone rang you knew outright that the call was important: a family member calling home to tell you that they would be arriving home late from work; a neighbor asking you for assistance; a chat line wherein two people could kick back and share a day’s gossip or local news update.

 The rotary phone and its offspring the push button unit still respected a person’s right to privacy and the calls a person received at his/her place of residence were governed by the laws of logic and not economics.
The new telephone morality is disrespectful of one’s privacy as well as time of day. The sacred can easily become the profane as unwanted and unsolicited telephone calls flood the communication lines.
I recently attended the wedding of a friend of the family. The church was filled with members of both the bride and groom’s family. The ceremony had reached that point wherein the minister asked that usually rhetorical question “does anyone here object to this man and this woman being joined in holy wedlock?”
A deafening silence ensued as everyone waited for the minister to continue the ceremony. Just before he spoke again the groom’s cell phone rang loudly and frantically in his tuxedo pocket. Embarrassed the young man scrambled to scramble the phone from his pocket and turn it off.
The minister, trying to lighten the mounting tension in the church, asked the question ” doesn’t that person know you have to be here to object?”
This humorous one liner brought a roar of laughter from the people in the pews. The groom was embarrassed. The bride furious. The caller disconnected.
I miss the days when human beings actually made their own phone calls. Texting and automated calling machines have done their share to lessen the communications process. The thought of actually chatting with another human being when you answer a ringing tone is now a gamble more than a fact.

Prompt The kindness of strangers Stepping up to lend helping hand



Today we live in cynical times. Many folks have become leery about helping a stranger out of a difficult situation.

These folks even have second thoughts about helping friends and neighbors they have known for years.

 Doubt, insecurity or just plain indifference at times holds them back from helping out during a crisis situation. 

My neighbor, Theresa , recently stepped up to the plate and helped this lost little boy. She noticed him crying outside the apartment building for a while. He was in an agitated state.

She picked up her purse, asked the child his name and address and then took his hand and led him home.

It happened on a Sunday afternoon when a number of the residents were away for the weekend.

This lady, a senior, seeing that the child was agitated and frightened did not hesitate to lend a helping hand. She did not know the youngster but that did not matter. She told me later that he “was a person in need of help and she was glad she could bring him home safely.”

Many modern day Samaritans are out there waiting for their chance to be good neighbors. Many are called. Few are chosen.  All are needed.




Identity Crisis: GenX vs Millennial

Gerry C.:

A frank discussion of where this person has been, is presently at and perhaps hopes for the future. A good read. :) A few words may be graphic but the feelings and emotions are sincere.

Originally posted on Conscious and Breathing:

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Generation XYZ.”

The Daily Prompt today asks us to look at the generation immediately before or after our own, and say what we don’t like about, as well as what we can learn from, that generation. Honestly, I thought about it for half a second, concluded I had no opinion that would not sound trite and blasé, and moved on.

Fast forward a few hours and I am browsing through blogs that I follow.  I saw where The Gad About Town had responded to the generational prompt and was curious to see his take on it. After reading his post, and taking the suggested How Millennial Are You? test, as developed by Pew Research group, I decided while still don’t have anything relevant to offer about the generations preceding or succeeding me, I do have what I feel to be a pretty…

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W P’s Challenge – Generation XYZ Cream of crop or alphabet soup?



To me the term Generation XYZ is both a misnomer and a mish mosh of cultural concepts and misunderstandings that have flourished for at least the past 60 years.

These folks are the proud offspring of the Baby Boomers whose grandparents had to make sacrifices and face hardships that they today find either over exaggerated or inflated in its intensity.

The Flower Power of the Hippie Sixties has given rise to a technically savvy younger wave of offspring who favor the immediacy of texting to the developing of long term, meaningful relationships with either a significant other or their immediate family members.

What we have in this photograph is a definite failure to communicate with nature. It was supper time and the person in the photo had mistakenly thrown a few French fries to a pair of scavenging seagulls. A few moments later a flock of the pests were surrounding him and he was desperately trying to ignore them.

Nature however has a mind of its own and after a few minutes the herd of birds began moving in for the kill. After a few minutes of this harassment he left the schoolyard and the birds disappeared as magically as they had appeared.

The urge to text had been over ridden by the need for food. His inability to concentrate on his texting prowess was due to the fact that the bird’s natural ability to hunt in teams outweigh his newly acquired typing talent.

Although many members of this Generation XYZ reality crave immediate results they still have to remember that their intense devotion to their online media may have robbed them of the unique opportunity to experience life offline.



Daily Post Challenge – Groupthink Some things seem to defy reason





The scene takes place around 7 a.m. in a small kitchen. An older man, Frank, and his wife, Helen, have just finished their breakfast. She is getting ready to pour themselves another cup of coffee. Their grandson Billy has been visiting them for the weekend and he is still in bed asleep. They will be waking him up for school in a few minutes.


Frank: “I think the world is going to hell in a hand cart!”

Helen+: “How do you mean dear?”

Frank: “Well just look at it: droughts in California; floods in the southern states; cops shooting folks in the back; priests molesting young boys; tornados everywhere; the extinction of honey bees  and self interest groups threatening to destroy the world. It’s not a pretty picture.”

Helen: “I’m  sure that’s just the media folks trying to stir up a tempest in a teapot. That helps them increase circulation.”

Frank: ” I know what increases my circulation….the shabby way the government and society in general treats seniors and our returning vets. My father was a vet and he didn’t get any extended benefits. He had to scramble to find employment and didn’t receive any financial assistance.”

Helen: ” I’m sure dear that the government has improved the way it treats these folks nowadays. You have to learn to be a bit more flexible you know.”

Frank: :  “What does being flexible have to do with any of it? You can only go along so far with the herd and then you have to take a stand and show your discomfort with certain things that have become socially acceptable.”

Helen: “You do have to change with the times you know.”

Frank: “I know but why do I have to change when most folks at times are fighting it tooth and claw? They have their special interest groups and lobbyists and the like and here I am John Q. Public footing the bills for it all. It just isn’t fair! “

Helen: “I know that dear but I have to wake up Billy for school. His father will be picking him up here after school today.”

Frank: “That son of ours is truly an enigma. Why would anyone lucky enough to marry such a wonderful woman as Mary rush to divorce her and then rush out and shack up with a fellow male friend from work. It just boggles my mind dear.”

Helen  “Love is blind dear. There’s nothing you can do about it. Sometimes you just have to accept the situation and go on from there.”

Frank:” I guess you’re right. Love at times is blind , and stupid and hurtful but you have to accept the other person’s point of view.”

Helen:” Well I hope out little chat helped.”

Frank:” The chat and your coffee helped me mellow out. I  don’t mean to be difficult dear just trying to get a handle on what’s going on.”

Helen: ” I know you are dear. Care for more coffee?”

Frank: “Of course. Thanks for being so patient with me Helen.”

Helen: “That is what love is all about Frank.”

Frank: ” Yeah. I know.”




Weekly Photo Challenge -Muse We define the Muse(s) we desire

   “This is the other secret that real artists know and wannabe writers don’t. When we sit down each day and do our work, power concentrates around us. The Muse takes note of our dedication. She approves. We have earned favor in her sight .” Steven Pressfield, The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles    

A Muse to many creative people is a source of strength, hope , inspiration and patience. There is no set parameter to define it but we all have our own personal definition of what it should be. It is eternal and cannot be affected by time, place or circumstance. It exists and only awaits our call for assistance. For creative types exploring their options a personal Muse is a blessing in disguise


In  Greek and Roman mythology a Muse is each of nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences. A Muse can also be defined as a woman or a force personified as a female who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. Creative spirits throughout the ages have called upon the help of the Muses to help them in their pursuits.

The bridge featured above is my favorite Muse. I have forgotten its name but to me  it represents tranquility, inspiration, community and connection. The seasons may change but the inspirational essence of the bridge does not….at least to me. It is that special photo I return to again and again whenever I need an infusion of creative energy.

It is a bike trail for many, a foot path for a pleasant summer promenade, a place where lovers can stroll leisurely and discuss their future plans and finally an inspirational locale where writers, photographers , poets and musicians visit to recharge their creative selves with the help of their personal Muse.

It is not frivolous or naïve to seek the help of your Muse. The action itself helps us to seek guidance from outside sources and these sources either directly or indirectly can lead us to achieve our desired goals.

Seeking direction outside ourselves shows the world that we are human and open to communication with others.