Weekly Photo Challenge – Achievement The anatomy of a late fall tree trimming

“Accomplish but do not boast, accomplish without show, accomplish without arrogance, accomplish without grabbing, accomplish without forcing.”   Lao Tzu.

Many times in life by merely viewing the daily accomplishments of others as they perform their chores is enough of an incentive to inspire us to improve our own personal performances and thus increase our overall effectiveness in our lives.



Weekly Photo Challenge – Minimalist 2

“A lake is the landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature.
It is Earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures
the depth of his own nature.”
                                                                                 – Henry David Thoreau.


The popular expression “less is more” connotes the idea that our lives are cluttered enough as it is so therefore get rid of all that debris that is cramping your lifestyle.

Bare bones existence has evolved to mean bean bag chairs, orange crate coffee tables and of course foam mattresses to sleep upon. At times it is a Spartan way to exist but many folks subscribe to this notion of austerity in their lives.

Mother Nature has her own concepts of minimal. When she offers us bare bone realities we discover beautiful sunrises and sunsets, breathtaking waterfalls and majestic mountain views.

It’s basic but with a definite air of elegance, finesse and flair that we have come to expect from such a gifted presence. There is always style and wonder in the creative side of nature.

Wonders to behold and enjoy but only if you dare to step outside your personal comfort zone and experience your own Walden Pond where ever it may be found.


Botox shots for old tree limbs impractical Wood chipper minimalizes dead branches

If you look closely at a tree you’ll notice it’s knots and dead branches, just like our bodies. What we learn is that beauty and imperfection go together wonderfully.” —    Matthew Fox

Poets write that a tree is a thing of beauty  until the day its branches wither and die and then folks finally realize that those once awesome looking limbs are beginning to show their age. As a result tree specialists ( often called surgeons) are called in to give the remaining tree structure the once over to revitalize a weather worn entity.

This usually means that those overhanging limbs and naked branches  and other kinds of tree debris will be left lying on the ground waiting transport to another area. This type of necessary cosmetic surgical operation involves more grunt labor than actual surgical finesse

Work crews are hired to gather up the discarded tree parts and a wood chipper is standing nearby to totally obliterate the bulky limbs into a more transportable and useable format.

Pity the once majestic structure that inspired poets to write and lovers to contemplate their future plans beneath its protective canopy. Oh well…such is life.

Those who believe that less is more cannot possibly be considering the fate of n older tree.




W P Weekly Photo Challenge – Descent Peter Pan’s aerial view of a pirate ship

“Life has loveliness to sell, all beautiful and splendid things, blue waves whitened on a cliff, soaring fire that sways and sings, and children’s faces looking up, holding wonder like a cup.” —   Sara Teasdale .

I am sure we are all quiet familiar with the story of Peter Pan the boy who never gets old and who can fly. He was always able to catch a bird’s eye view of life….pirate ships, adventures at sea, ports of interest and of course the ever changing human condition.

In a sense being forever young was more of a curse rather than a blessing. At the end of the day he really had no one — no long time associate— to share his tales of daring do. He must have been as lonely and as miserable as King Midas who committed himself to his own tragic fate.

The one aspect of Peter Pan that alleviates his eternal condition may rest in the fact that he could fly about and explore new realms of opportunity and adventure for himself. This magical ability alone could put a smile on all of us who feel trapped where we are and dream of escaping to better climes.

The descent into reality from on high is just as exciting and challenging for us as it was for Peter Pan. Soaring high with the eagles is one way to momentarily escape the inexplicable hardships of reality.



W P Weekly Photo Challenge Cover Art Little House on Prairie eclipsed by time


Sherman Alexie   “Sure, we thought the acres
                   That we tilled were sacred,
                   But how could we have known
                   That wheat can haunt like ghosts”     ― Sherman Alexie


The end of an era in family  farming

The once self sufficient family farm fading gently into the background.

Some things in life evolve slowly and consistently over time. Other changes in life are abrupt and replace those standards in life that a majority of folks have come to depend on for a sense of their own personal stability.

The family farm is one such institution that is facing its own demise due to the fact that agriculture has now become agribusiness and the once successful farmer is being replaced by big business ethics, practices and procedures.

At a recent family picnic the members of one successful farming business said farewell to a way of life that had provided for them through lean times as well as prosperous ones. They were calling it quits and were seeking a new way of life for themselves.

Strolling casually about the barnyard and storage sheds one could see abandoned farm equipment standing idly by and slowly rusting in the light of the blazing afternoon sun.

The old wagon wheel resting nonchalantly between the weathered barn and the freshly painted white fence attested to the fact that the good ole days are definitely gone and that a new way of doing things looms in the immediate future.

The many stories of bravery and hardship that contributed to the successful management of the land itself could easily provide content for a new type of Farmer’s Almanac — one that highlights the day-to-day experiences of the residents.

A tribute to a bygone era characterized by hard work, perseverance and dedication to family.






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